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Welcome to Sontex Machinery Ltd.

Established over 60 years

Sontex (Machinery) Ltd is a UK packaging machinery and packaging materials company based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. Established in 1961 and having over 60 years experience in the packaging industry. Specialising in shrink wrapping machinery and bag sealers (including validatable Medical Sealers and specialist Polyurethane, non woven fabric material welding machines). Skinpacking and pallet wrappers plus various other specialist packaging equipment and materials solutions on a wide range of products from simple manual compact chamber shrink wrap machines to high speed fully automatic L-sealers and trim sealers / side sealers. We offer free technical telephone support and on-site service backup by our team of factory trained engineers. Comprehensive stock of spares available for Audion, Smipack and Italdibipack with next day delivery

Shrink Wrapping Machines

At Sontex, we offer the highest quality range of shrink wrappers from simple manual chamber type to high speed automatics. If you are looking for a shrink-wrapping machine, please browse our website or call our knowledgeable and professional team who are waiting to help you.

Bag Sealing, Palletwrapping, Skinpacking Machines

Our team have extensive knowledge of bag sealing, plastic and material welding, palletwrapping and skinpacking. We can advise what the best shrink packaging machine and bag sealer options are. From chamber shrink wrappers to skin packing and bag sealing machine queries, whatever your questions are, we can answer them.
Shrink Wrapping
Dibipack 4255 STX
Bag Sealing
Magneta 421MG Heat Sealer
Skin Packing
Magic Skin 5035EV Skin Packer
Pallet Wrapper
Semi Automatic BEX 200

Sontex are the suppliers of:

  • New, Used & Reconditioned Packaging Machinery
  • Chamber shrink wrap machines for use with Polyolefin shrinkwrap films. We are the longest established suppliers of the Hood or chamber type combined L-sealer and shrink tunnel machines for over 20 years.
  • L-sealers and shrink tunnels available from stock and bespoke built to order special sizes. L-sealers for Polyolefin shrink film. 3 wire L Sealer option for Polythene PE shrink film.
  • Sleeve Wrapper Machines – Manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic for shrinkwrapping using polythene film.
  • Automatic Side Seal Machines – For high speed trim seal shrink wrapping in Polythene and Polyolefin shrinkwrap film at seeds up to 65 packs per minute. Side sealers are also suited sealing long products.
  • Bag Sealing – Hand and foot operated bag sealers for all types of plastic bags and foil laminate bags. Impulse and contsant heat sealing jaws
  • Shrink wrap film available from stock for next day delivery. Polyolefin and Polythene in single wound and centre fold. Huge range of widths and thicknesses suitable for all shrinkwrap machines
  • Audion Magneta bag sealers with magnetic jaw clamping and cutter. Official UK Audion sales and service agents
  • Heavy Duty Bag Sealers – Heavy duty plastic bag and polythene sack sealers – solenoid or pneumatic jaw operation 400mm – 3000mm. Bag making machines. Official Star Universal Northern UK sales and service
  • Pallet wrapping machines - semi-automatic pallet wrappers up to 2 tonnes capacity with power pre-stretch, top clamp and load cell options. High build quality, European made with full CE and 12 months warranty
  • Skin Packing – Manual and semi-automatic skin packing machinery. Dupont Surlyn skin pack film and skin boards from stock.
  • Medical Sealer – Calibrated Impulse medical sealers with precise temperature control for validation. Rotary medical sealers, fully validatable and dot matrix printer options
  • Vacuum Sealer – simple probe type vacuum packers/sealers, bench and free-standing chamber type vacuum sealing machines, models with gas flush facility. Also fully calibrated vacuum medical sealers
  • High Speed Rotary Heat Sealing – Bench mounting, free-standing, vertical or horizontal with or without conveyor, hot air sealer or band sealing.
  • Automatic Bag Making – Fully-automatic, programmable machine for producing large bags and heavy duty sacks from lay flat tubing.
  • Stainless Steel packaging machines – Most of our product range is available in stainless steel for food and medical production environments.
  • Shrinkwrap machine and Bag sealer spares. PTFE Zone Tape – PTFE Fabric Self adhesive Zone Tape – Conveyor Belts – Resistance Wires – Sealing wires – Element ribbons - Silicone Rubber – Heating Elements – PTFE Bands, Belts, Sealing Blades, Temperature Controllers, Thermocouples Etc.
  • Bluebird bakery L-sealer spares Robin, Merlin, Wren, Kestrel, Osprey, Hawk
  • Bubble Wrap, Vacuum Pouches, Hand stretch wrap, Case taper machines