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Heat Shrink Tunnels Explained

  Heat shrink tunnels are amongst the most popular types of machinery used to package products, typically mounted over or around conveyor systems’. Products being packaged in this way are provided with a loose surrounding of shrink film, which is then shrunk to fit snugly around the wrapped object using the shrink tunnel.   There […]

Solving Common Shrink Wrap Problems

Shrink wrapping is not that hard, especially when using quality shrink wrap machinery such as that we sell here at Sontex. However, there are a few common problems that can occur, as there is with any packaging solution.   If you use shrink wrapping to packaging your products and want to ensure that you can […]

Working Alongside Network Pack to Provide the Ultimate Packaging Solution

We recently collaborated with Network Pack, another one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, to provide a wholesale customer that also offer third-party re-packing as an added value service, with an improved packaging line. The customer was looking to reduce both labour and material costs, looking for enhanced packaging productivity to help cope with their […]

Proven Benefits of Using Pallet Wrappers

At Sontex we often receive questions regarding pallet wrapping machines and their advantages, with people frequently wondering what benefits pallet wrappers actually offer over manual wrapping and why pallet wrapping machines have grown to become so popular around the world. With this is mind today we are here to highlight just some of the amazing […]

Ensure Your Packaging Line is Fully-Optimised in Time for Christmas

Christmas is definitely one of the busiest times of year for shops and online retailers, and because of this it is now important for business owners to ensure that their packaging lines are fully optimised before the big rush! Many companies see record-breaking sales in the run-up to Christmas, with many people buying gifts for […]

Biodegradable Shrink Wrap Film – Everything You Need to know

‘Biodegradable’ is a modern buzzword, with many people now preferring products that are described as biodegradable, and with this in mind you might have already heard the term ‘biodegradable shrink wrap film’. Many companies are now selling what they call biodegradable shrink-wrap films; however, the truth is there is no such thing – biodegradable shrink-wrap […]

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging for Food Products

Vacuum packaging provides an easy and efficient way of packaging a variety of products and is used within a wide range of industries to package a surplus of items. However, one of the most common types of products packaged in this way is definitely food products, with major food suppliers vacuum packaging their leading food […]

The Main Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Machines

What is Shrink Wrapping? Shrink wrapping is a popular form of packaging which is used within a wide range of industries for multiple reasons. In short shrink wrapping encompasses products being tightly wrapping in shrink film in order to provide protection. Shrink film is typically made up of polymer plastic. This film is then wrapped […]

Shrink Wrapping: More Common Than You May Think

Many people do not realise how popular shrink wrap packaging is. Shrink wrap packaging comes in a vast range of styles and is used on a daily basis around the world to package millions of different products, however some people upon seeing shrink wrapped products do not even realise that they are shrink wrapped! With […]

Fully Refurbished Second Hand Machines: Great Quality at Lower Prices

Did you know that here at Sontex as well as the most recent and new shrink wrap machines; we also stock many fully refurbished second hand shrink wrap machines? – Allowing for people to get great machinery for even lowers prices.       We currently have a really vast and impressive collection of fully […]