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L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels

L sealer shrink wrapper machines are used to create a bag of heat sensitive shrink film around products. With an optional adjoining Shrink Tunnel to then apply heat to the bags, shrinking and tightening the film will provide strong, high clarity and protection. Semi Automatic L-Sealers are a perfect medium volume shrink packaging solution and are able to wrap up to 15 packs per minute in eco friendly shrink films such as our SPR Polyolefin with 30% recycled content.

L500SA Semi Auto L-sealer

  • Impulse semi automatic L Sealer machine for use with centre-folded films for either loose bagging or shrink wrapping when used in conjunction with a shrink tunnel
  • Multi program PLC controlled
  • PTFE coated sealing blade with liquid cooling to maintain excellent seal quality even at fast production speeds
  • Motorised takeaway away conveyor
  • Operating speeds up to 15 per minute
  • Can be operated semi automatically via push button or foot switch. Can also be operated fully automatic with PLC controlled timer
  • Can be used with Polyolefin, Polyproylene and Polythene films
  • Automatic scrap film rewinding system
  • Top quality European built machines with full CE compliance and 12 months on site warranty, spares kit as standard. All parts in stock
Model L500SA L800SA
Seal Area 560 x 430mm 870 x 620mm
Max Production Height 230mm 300mm
Production Capacity Up to 15 per minute Up to 10 per minute
Power Requirements Single phase 13amp Single phase 16amp
Machine size 2020 x 790 x 1055mm 3015 x 1005 x 1125mm

TE-MATIC Shrink Tunnels


TM 18 Tunnel


TM 18 Tunnel & L500SA L-Sealer

  • Adjustable shrink tunnel temperature
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Tunnel air flow regulation by externally mounted internal vents
  • Tunnel conveyor with silicone coated rotating roller
  • Control panel with back lit LCD
  • Automatic cool down function for end of production day
  • Live rotating rollers or fixed rollers
  • 6 working programmes
TE Matic Tunnel TM18 TM18L TM30
Chamber Single Double Single
Max Production Width 400mm 400mm 600mm
Max Production Height 230mm 230mm 300mm
Machine size 1310 x 835 x 1440 1880 x 835 x 1440 1360 x 1045 x 1565
Power Requirements 380 – 415 V – 3 PH-PE 50/60 Hz

Semi Automatic Espert 5040EV Shrink Wrapper


Espert 5040EV

  • The machine incorporates a powered sealing head and shrink tunnel on the same frame with locking castors.
  • Operation is either by a foot switch or automatic timed cycle
  • Powered conveyor to take the pack into the shrink tunnel
  • Electronic controls for all major functions
  • For use with polyolefin films
  • PTFE coated sealing blade
  • Operating speed up to 10 cycles per minute
  • Rolling rod tunnel conveyor
Model Espert 5040EV Espert 7555EV
Seal Area 500 x 400mm 750 x 550mm
Max Production Height 200mm 190mm
Tunnel Aperture 450 x 240mm 570 x 240mm
Power Requirements 3Phase 16amp/Ph 3Phase 16amp/Ph
Pneumatic Requirements 6-8 Bar 6-8 Bar

L Sealer Machine

We are confident there is an L sealer machine that meets all of your businesses needs and demands in our leading range above. However, if for any reason you are unsure what L sealers and shrink tunnels would assist you and you company the most, don’t hesitate to contact our professional and informative team who can also advise on our range of environmentally friendly shrink wrap films