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Shrinkwrap Films : 30% recycled content environmentally friendly Polyolefin, Sealed Air® CT high performance Polyolefin and 30% recycled content single wound/centrefolded Polythene

All films available from stock for next day delivery


Sontex SPR Polyolefin Environmentally friendly 30% recycled content Shrinkwrap Film for L-sealers, trim sealer and side sealers

  • Our SPR Polyolefin shrink wrap film is a low cost, strong, high clarity, multi-layer material which contains 30% recycled content and is not subject to the plastic tax
  • Centre folded polyolefin shrinkwrap film for use on Semi automatic L-sealer and tunnels, Automatic L-sealer and tunnel systems and side sealers with shrink tunnels
  • Produces a presentation quality wrap with excellent optical clarity and seal strength
  • 15 micron and 19 micron available for next day delivery
  • 25 micron available on request.
  • Stock widths from 250/500mm to 800/1600mm
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Sealed Air Cryovac® Polyolefin Shrink Films

  • Micro-layered high performance shrink films based on the Sealed Air patented and awarded micro-layered technology platform Cryovac® CT films.
  • Increased uptime and higher productivity with longer reel lengths and low shrink energy.
  • Excellent clarity and optics for improved retail appeal.
  • Very strong sealing, high impact strength and greater tear resistance for pack integrity.
  • The most reliable Polyolefin film for chamber shrink wrap machines
  • Pre perforated available from stock

Polythene Shrinkwrap environmentally friendly Film with 30% recycled content

  • Polythene shrink films produce strong, secure packs at an inexpensive price, making it ideal for transit wrapping
  • 30% recycled content avoids the plastic tax and is much more environmentally friendly while still maintaining excellent clarity and seal strength
  • Single wound polythene shrinkwrap film for Sleeve sealers and centre folded Polythene film for L-sealers all available from stock for next day delivery
  • Produces a strong transit quality wrap.
  • Opaque option ensures security.
  • Single Wound Polythene film in 50 micron, and widths 250mm to 650mm available ex-stock.
  • Centre folded Polythene shrink film in 38 micron, and widths 250/500mm to 750/1500mm available ex-stock.
  • Other thicknesses and widths, opaque, coloured and micro-perforated films available on request

Printed shrink wrap film

Printed materials are available (Polyolefin, Polythene, Polypropylene) subject to sample packs, authorised print proofs and set up and origination costs. The minimum order quantity for each material also applies. We cannot at present supply printed shrink films Along with bespoke prints, we can supply standard warning prints, recyclable logos, and seasonal designs etc. We can hold limited amounts of stock for call-offs, but these must be accompanied by a purchase order and a finite delivery schedule (12 months max.).

Polyolefin Shrinkwrap Film

At Sontex our services do not stop at the supply of high quality and competitively priced shrink wrapping machines, we also offer a fabulous range of polyolefin shrinkwrap film and shrinkwrap film, ensuring that all of our wonderful customers are able to get the absolute most out of the machinery that they rent and purchase from us. If anyone has any questions, our team are only a phone call away and always happy to help.