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Mac Due Heavy Duty Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Packaging Machines



MacDue machines for automatically packaging trays. This range of specifically designed machinery for bagging stacks of trays from the thermoformer. These bags are totally sealed to keep the contents free from contamination and can be either single stacks, or, subject to stability, twin or multiple stacks in a single bag. These stacks can then be wrapped a second time in a multipack if required. The bags are robust, easily palletised and simple to open by the end user. We can automate the entire packaging procedure, from thermo former to fully wrapped pallet.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction or total elimination of packaging personnel at the end of the line
  • Elimination of cardboard packaging
  • Reduction in packaging material cost
  • More product on the pallet
  • Attractive, tight bags that are easy to handle by the end user
  • Versatility, wrap anything from a pizza base to a cup to a tray lid

The Machines

Semi automatic

These machines are incredibly versatile and offer excellent value for money. The versatility of this machine is such that you can pack either single rows in a bag, or up to 6 stacks in a single bag, depending upon product stability. Unstable products are handled with ease and the machine is easily adjusted in a matter of minutes from one tray size to the next.

Fully automatic

An advanced range of innovative and versatile machinery designed to eliminate manual packaging at the end of the line. These machines can take product in either a horizontal or vertical format, and wrap them as required in stacks up to 1200mm in length. Machinery is tailored to suit each particular requirement and is designed with reliability, ease of use and versatility in mind. Even the film reels used for wrapping can last days between changeovers.


These machines receive product in bags from the machines described above, collate them in the required format (3 wide x 2 high for example) and bag them securely together. This bag is easily handled and can be in the same format as the case previously used. This means that cardboard is eliminated meaning less cost to you, more product on a pallet, and less waste for the end user to dispose of.


Either single stacks or multipacks can be automatically palletised and pallet wrapped as required, completing the automation process For more information visit: