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Vacuum Sealers Chamber



  • Bench mounting and free standing models available
  • 12 months warranty. Installation available by our team of Audion factory trained engineers.
  • Digital control panel with either 1 or 10 program memory
  • Stainless steel construction, designed for easy cleaning
  • Chamber sizes (useable) from 270mm x 340mm x 85mm –890mm x 310mm x 100mm
  • Sealing bars have either parallel 3.5mm weld with option of bag cut off and top and bottom heat (bi-active sealing). Certain models have the option of a second sealing bar.
  • Options include gas flushing with multi-cycles, soft air and sensorial control.
  • For use in Sous Vide vacuum pack cooking
  • Model shown is the most popular of the range, the VMS 133

Vacuum Sealers Double Chamber



  • Free standing models mounted on locking castors
  • Digital control panel with 10 program memory
  • Stainless steel construction, designed for easy cleaning
  • Chamber sizes (useable) from 470mm x 690mm x 200mm – 1090mm x 730mm x 230mm
  • Sealing bars have 3.5mm parallel weld as standard
  • Various seal bar configurations available
  • Options include gas flushing with multi cycles, soft air and sensorial control.

Vertical Vacuum Sealers



  • Bench mounting for stand up pouches containing liquids, solids and powders
  • Digital control panel with 10 program memory
  • Stainless steel construction, designed for easy cleaning
  • Chamber size (useable) 380mm x 80mm x 330mm
  • Sealing bars have 3.5mm parallel weld or optional top and bottom heat (bi-active sealing)
  • Optional adjustable plate for different bag lengths, VC model has custom cassette to produce brick packs of coffee, nuts, etc.
  • Option of gas flush
  • Custom vertical models also available built to order.
Effective Chamber Size 410 x 370 x 180mm 2 x 610 x 400 x 240mm 380 x 80 x 330mm
Seal Bar Length 410mm 2 x 610mm 380mm
Seal Bar Width 2 x 3.5mm 2 x 3.5mm 2 x 3.5mm
Pump Capacity 16m3/h 63m3/h 21m3/h
Power Requirements 230V Single Phase 380V 3 Phase 230V Single Phase

Vacuum Sealer – Magvac


Magvac 720MV


Magvac MV520 MED With Bag Support


Magvac MVMED Sealing

  • Stainless Steel vacuum sealer with 5mm or 8mm sealing thickness
  • Horizontal and vertical sealing position in combination with support stand
  • Bi-active double heat sealing bar suitable for foil laminates and thick pouches
  • Heavy duty design suitable for clean room use
  • Pneumatically closed sealing bars with low and high pressure safety feature
  • Large seal bar opening 45 mm
  • 9 programs with multi cycle gas flush optional
  • User friendly digital panel


  • Stainless steel floor stand allows vertical or horizontal operation
  • Stainless steel bag support to mount to floor stand
  • Machine mounted work table bag support
  • Magvac MV MED has fully calibrateable Medical vacuum sealer control and 8mm seal as standard. Suitable for clean room operation.
  • Magvac MED available with calibration certificate
  • External powder filter
  • External vacuum pump connections for venting outside of the cleanroom
Models Magvac MV520 Magvac MV720 Magvac MV1020
Sealing Jaw Width 520mm 720mm 1020mm
Element Width 5mm (8mm Medical) 5mm (8mm Medical) 5mm (8mm Medical)
Power Requirement 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz
Pneumatic Requirement 6 Bar 6 Bar 6 Bar

Vacuum Bag Sealer – Probe Type


Star 106


Medical Vacuum Sealer

  • For a variety of applications including food, medical and export packing
  • Horizontal machines can be either solenoid (Star 106) or pneumatically operated (Star 106P)
  • Vertical machines are all pneumatically operated
  • Seal jaw lengths to suit your requirements
  • Automatic cycling and gas flushing available
  • Stainless steel vacuum sealers available
  • Vacuum pumps supplied or your own vacuum line can be used, various pump capacities available
  • MoD approved
Models Star 106 Star 106P
Sealing Jaw Width 500 – 900mm 500 – 900mm
Element Width 6mm, 9mm or 12mm 6mm, 9mm or 12mm
Power Requirement Single Phase 13 amp Single Phase 13 amp
Pneumatic Requirement N/A 6 – 8 Bar

Vacuum Sealer

If you are looking to purchase a vacuum sealer to improve the efficiency of your businesses packaging processes, you have definitely come to the right place. Here at Sontex we offer a fantastic range of vacuum sealing machines with the intention of being able to supply all companies with the machinery that they require. If you have any questions or require assistance in choosing the most appropriate sealer, get in touch with our professional team today.

Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum Sealing machines are highly popular within many industries, used to package many products. Vacuum packing is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. This method involves placing items in a plastic film package, removing air from inside, and sealing the package. Shrink film tightly wraps products of all shapes and sizes and offers a wide range of benefits such as protecting products from outside elements.